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intertruth: the garden of eden is your cure

Rosa Lokey Orbe, J.D. CalBRE License # 02067079

companion planting (a-l)

alfalfa: grape vines, fruit trees, dandelions (onion family members WILL NOT do well next to alfafa); amaranth: onions, corn, potatoes;

anise: coriander; apple: foxglove, marigolds, nasturtiums, wallflowers, (keep away from potatoes); apricot: nasturtiums

(keep away from oat grasses, tomatoes); asparagus: tomatoes, cagagges, marigolds, beans, parsley, basil, carrots, radishes; basil:

summer savory, tomatoes,apricots, peaches (keep away from raspberry canes & rue); bean; beetroot, cabbages, carrots, cauliflower, celery, celeriac, cucumber, corn, leeks, potatoes, strawberry plants, summer savory (keep away from fennel, gladiola); beetroot: dwarf beans, lettuce, cabbage, onions, kohlrabi

(keep away from mustard, charlock, pole beans or runner beans);

birch: plant next to compost heaps to help break down waster mineral rapidly; blackberry: apple trees, nettle, good for mulch and compost; blueberry: hydrangeas (keep away from blackberry & raspberry); borage: strawberries, tomatoes, most plants, mulch; borecole (kale): cabbage,onion, potato; broccoli: brussel sprouts, cauliflower, kale, potatoes, beetroot, onion, dill, chamomile, peppermint, sage, rosemary (keep away from tomatoes, strawberry, climbing beans); brussel sprouts: potatoes, chinese celery, cauliflower, rosemary, hyssop, sage, wormwood, thyme, peppermint, southernwood, pennyroyal, mustad, peas, lettuce (keep away from strawberry); buckwheat: corn, a good green manure for phosphate & calcium(keep away from winter wheat); cabbage: kohlrabi, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, collards, savoys, turnips, rhubarb, marigolds, celery, dill, chamomile, sage, peppermint, rosemary, onions, beets, potatoes (keep away from strawberry, tomatoes, climbing beans); sweet pepper: basil (keep away from apricots); carrot: onion, rosemary, wormwood, sage,peas, chives, lettuce, tomatoes (keep away from dill, potatoes, kohlrabi, fennel, cabbage); catnip: grows with anything; cauliflower: grows well with any cabbage family member, basil, thyme, hyssop, borage, sage (keep away from strawberries, tomatoes); celery: leeks, tomatoes, dwarf beans,marigolds; chamomile: good green manure for lime; cherry: catnip, (keep away plum trees, wheat; chervil: radishes, carrots; chives: roses, apples, carrots, parsley, cucumbers, beans, beetroot, cabbage, garlic, lettuce, melons, onions, gooseberries, apricot trees, azaleas; choko: plant with any vegetable, cucumber; citrus: rubber trees, guava tree, oak trees, comfrey,marigolds, lavender, wormwood, tansy; clover: good manure for nitrogen & boron, apple tree, grape vines, deadly nightshade, (keep away from henbane, buttercups, camellias, gooseberries); columbine: apples, grapes, pears, lychees, strawberries, asters, azaleas, rhubarb, needs plenty of manure; comfrey: good green manure for potassium & nitrogen & phosphate, potatoes, strawberries, any vegetable or herb; coriander: dill. chervil, (keep away from fennel); cornflower: wheat, rye; cucumber: peas, beans, lettuce, radishes, corn, lemon balm, (keep away from potatoes); dandelion: most fruit trees, compost additive; dill: cabbage, corn, lettuce, cucumber, carrots but remove before it matures, tomatoes before the dill flowers, (keep away from fennel); eggplant: tarragon, thyme, lavender, tansy, maigolds, wormwood, (keep away from onions, garlic, potatoes); elder tree: ferments water of compost; elm tree: grape vine; euphorbia: young fruit trees, vegetable garden (keep away from grape vines); fennel: Keep away from the vegetable garden; feverfew: any flowering plant or shrub; flax: potatoes;foxglove: pine trees, apple trees; fungi: oak trees, chestnut trees; garlic: peach tree, beetroot, tomatoes, lettuce, roses (keep away from peas, beans, cabbage, strawberries; geranium: roses, corn, grapes; ginseng: foliage thick trees; gladiolus: keep away from peas, beans, strawberries; golden rod: green manure, loved by ladybugs, lacewings, praying mantis, hoverflies, bees; grape vine: blackberries, hyssop, chives, basil, charlock, (keep away from radishes and cypress spurge); green manure: oats, rye, buckwheat, clover, alfalfa, comfrey, mustard, lupins; hazel: compose heap, wormwood, nasturtiums, tansy; hemp: cabbage to deter cabbage butterfly and pathogenic micro-organisms in soil; horehound: fruits and vegetables especially tomatoes, repels grasshoppers and caterpillars; horseradish: potatoes, fruit trees; hyssop: grapes, attracts bees, butterflies, (keep away from cabbage, radishes); Insecticides: pyrethrum, garlic,onion, chilli, rhubarb, nicotine, spearmint, pennyroyal, tansy, lavender, wormwood, rosemary, mint, basil, rue, oak leaves, stinging nettle, catnip, fennel, marigold, elder, cedar, nasturtium, cassia; pitcher; intercropping: lettuce & cabbage, radishes & carrots, beetroot & kohlrabi, vine crops & corn, tomatoes & roses, chives, onions & chamomile, spinach & any vegetable; jerusalem artichoke: anywhere as a hedge; kohlrabi: beetroot, onions, thyme, cucumber, (keep away from tomato, strawberry, climbing beans, sweet pepper; lavender: attracts butterflies and bees, repels caterpillars, mice, ticks and rabbits; leek: celery, celeriac, onion, carrots, (keep away from broad beans and broccoli; legume: