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intertruth: the garden of eden is your cure

Rosa Lokey Orbe, J.D. CalBRE License # 02067079



Callippic Cycle: Is a period of 76 years, that was proposed in the year 330 BC and began on the Summer Soltice. The cycle had 940 lunations and 27,759 days. The crater Callippus on the moon is named after him.

Christmas Eve: The Northern Cross is formed by the stars Persei, Geminorum, Ursae Majoris, Tauri Cygni at more than 20 degrees in length marking the upright along the Milky Way and Orionis, Ursae Majoris, and Librae Cygni. The Cross culminates in the sky at 9pm Christmas Eve




December 21, 2010: a rare occurance of a total eclipse of the full moon and on the winter solstice as the event is found in the middle of the Milky Way. this is the second time in the past 2000 years that this occurrance has appeared. The last time this occurred was in 1638.

see for a simulation of the occurance and


light: speed of light (in a vacuum) is denoted by :

c; c = 2.99792458 (10 to the 8th power)(m/s)



The years 1976 and 2010 are intimately intertwined:

If you overlay the year 2010 over 1976 you will see that the months of March-December are the very exact and the moon phases are the very opposite creating a full moon each day from the 1st of march until the end of December, which is 306 full moons.

The year 1971 and 1638 is set up structurally the same as 2010.

December 21, 2010: a rare occurance of a total eclipse of the full moon and on the winter solstice as the moon fixed itself in the middle of the Milky Way. This is the second in 2000 years this rare occurance has appeared, the last time was in 1638.

See for a simulation of the occurrance and


Northern Cross: See Christmas Eve

Pentagram: see Venus for a divine drawing of a Pentagram in the sky every eight years.



Sheep manure is considered the best manure it has the highest percentage of nitrogen and other elements in it.


believed to have originated in Chaldea, Aries has always been associated with the Golden Fleece,In the Euphratean Valley the sun was styled a "Lubat" meaning an old sheep, the head of the Ram is always represented with a reverted head,During the time of Alexandria the belief was that the world was created when the sun was in Aries, Amen/Amon is represented by as ram-headed and the great temple to Amen-Ra is approached through an avenue of ram-headed sphinxes, the faint stars east of Hamal are called "Musca Borealis" or The Northern Fly, Musca is "The Wasp" and "The Bee" it comes to the meridian at 9p.m. on December 17th, the star Hamal culminates at 9p.m. on December 11th

Saros Cycle: discovered by the Chaldeans is a period of approximately 18 years 11 days and 8 hours (the lenght of time between occurances of a particular eclipse). 54 years is called a "Triple Saros" or "Exeligomas" cycle.

speed of light: see light


Full Halo Coronal Mass Ejection on August 1, 2010 at 0855UT

A very distinct symbol on the Sun which looks like a P in script or an S

Seven (7)

4 star alignment with Mars Jupiter Venus and Mercury on May 09, 2011 at dawn. the alignment looks like the number seven.


Vedic Astronomy/Astrology

Originally called Hindu Astronomy. The three branches of the study are:

Siddhanta, Samhita, Hora. It relies primarily on the sidereal Zodiac.

Jyotisha which means the "knowledge of light" is an ancient Indian Astrological belief system which gets its name Vedic from the Rigveda. It is part of the Ayurveda or the "eye of the Veda". Upon birth, the stars and the positions of the Planets throw light upon every aspect of our life past, present and future.

In this belief system aligning yourself with nature is essential for clarity of vision and attaining your gifts.

There is a pulse to all things and Jyotisha is used to read this pulse.

A good practitioner can look into the past and see the future to aid the individual in their growth awakening seen and unseen bodies and influences.

The ultimate goal of Vedic Astrology is to awaken the joy in the heart and the soul. The websites listed below is a good sample of Vedic Astrology and learning aid


Each year on your birthday, if you look directly up in the sky, Venus will be three-eights (3/8) of the way further around the Sun, from the point you noticed last year at the same time. After eight years Venus will have drawn a perfect Pentagram around the Sun. It does this on both sides of the sun.